A Unique Office Concept For The Global Growth Of A Real Estate Brokerage

Profitability from Simplicity


We will license local real estate brokerages around the world. We are now opening shared office spaces with a wine bar, cafe and bed n breakfast under one roof. The Local Real Estate Centers will be the center of attention in all the markets we move into. Providing a new level of customer service for our relocating clients and a fun and exciting place to work.

Office space is available for all real estate and related services. We will offer accounting, marketing, and virtual assistants, as well as the usual shared office space conveniences.

We are taking the shared office space concept to the next level. We will begin in Connecticut, go south to Florida, expand globally and go public. The potential earnings for those who jump in at the beginning is above average.



We Are A Real Estate Corporation. We buy, sell, and manage real estate for the corporation and our clients. Restaurants, marketing, accounting development and other services will be outsourced.


Life Should be Fun: Shared office space is a rapidly growing niche.  The #1 request nationwide from users of shared office space is happy hour.  Tiny housing and the BnB industry are booming.  Combining the three makes life simple fun and affordable.

Businesses can arrange to have their seminars in the restaurant at 10:30 am, the café can offer a lunch special to stay. Happy hour networking offers endless possibilities.  Many of the larger facilities will incorporate a fitness center.   It’s about creating a lifestyle for hard working driven individuals that want to get the most out of life.  The BnB provides an immersive experience for our tenant’s clients.

We believe many of our rentals will be rented from office tenants that choose to stay the weekend for work or pleasure.  Our larger facilities will feature micro-apartments that allow small business owners to live and work in the same space. The Café will sell logo plaques that will hang throughout the café and encourage office tenants to frequent “Their Place”.


“Instead of making money by selling supplies to franchisees or demanding huge royalties…the McDonald’s Corporation became the landlord to its franchisees.

They bought the properties and then leased them out – at large markups. In addition to that regular income, the corporation would take a percentage of each shop’s gross sales.

Today McDonald’s makes its money on real estate through two methods. Its real estate subsidiary will buy and sell hot properties while also collecting rents on each of its franchised locations. McDonald’s restaurants are in over 100 countries and have probably served over 100 billion hamburgers. There are over 36,000 locations worldwide, of which only 15% are owned and operated by the McDonald’s corporation directly. The rest are franchisee-operated.

During the 2008 recession, McDonald’s leaned heavily on this facet of their business as they capitalized on an anemic property market – buying up more of the land and buildings where it operates. The company owns about 45% of the land and 70% of the buildings at their 36,000+ locations (the rest is leased).

It’s a brilliant strategy. Being able to collect on rents helps insulate them from the ups and downs of the business of flippin’ burgers. You have to make rent after all.

In 2014, the McDonald’s corporation made $27.4 billion in revenues, of which fully $9.2 billion came from franchised locations and the rest ($18.2 billion) was from company-operated restaurants.” – WallStreet Survivor


We will identify and develop land and retrofit existing buildings as needed to grow our local real estate brokerages on a global basis. Our agents will be able to invest in our locations and the company. Agent splits and office profits will be some of the highest in the industry because we won’t have to hit our own people with endless fees. Cover the rent and we will help you with the rest.  

Accelerated Growth Model :Our real estate offices will be corporate owned or licensed.  Compared to the old franchise model, we will be able to grow at light speed without having to file franchising paperwork state by state.

Our Product: The physical locations that serve as local networking meccas.  By combining shared office space, Café, BnB and fitness in our larger locations we create the most exciting location of each town we operate in. 

Virtual Platform: We are developing a virtual office that allows our agents, co-tenants and property managers to minimize time updating accounting, marketing and operations.  One sign-in allows you to book conference rooms, create co-branded advertising with your co-tenants, and create networking events at your own café.  Bank and credit card statements are instantly uploaded to your accounting hub giving you greater control over your business with less expense.

Our Service: Providing the operational, marketing and accounting systems to make our agents top producing REALTORS & property managers. 

Our Culture revolves around fitness, motivation and being the best you can be.

The HUB of Each Location will be our LOCAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE which will provide real estate and property management services.  The local brokerages will achieve instant recognition as the local real estate experts.  We will provide local real estate brokerage services for buyers, sellers and investors of residential, commercial and investment properties. Sales Listing, Buyer services, Leasing, property management.

Our Target Customers:The target audience for LOCAL REAL ESTATE CENTERS is entrepreneurs, specifically entrepreneurs that want to maximize their networking and social opportunities.  People buy from people they like. Our fun, entertaining and highly productive work space will help companies thrive by offering multiple locations to choose from with built in hospitality.  Tenants will receive discounts on bed n breakfast space around the world that they can use for business or pleasure.

Our Company Goals

  1. Create a brick and mortar office space that fuels the growth of the brokerage while providing a stabile positive cash flow beyond what the brokerage can generate.
  2. Use Connecticut as a model for global growth of a locally focused real estate services company.
  3. Open 3 locations in Connecticut in 2019
  4. Expand into Florida within 1 year.
  5. Open 500 locations within 10 years.
  6. Although the real estate brokerage business is highly competitive, we believe that there is a place for this unique mix of businesses to thrive. Our goal is to build and market locations that will entertain the general public and business owners and stand the test of time.

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